Issuing your invoices is an extremely easy and simple procedure.

As soon as the visitor completes his stay, you can issue the corresponding document (receipt, invoice or stay tax receipt) and send it automatically at MyData electronic platform with a click.

Basic Benefits

Sending Documents

You may send your invoices through our PMS via email directly to your customer or your accountant.

Less mistakes

While issuing your invoices, our PMS calculates VAT, number and series of the document that are auto-filled. Also you don't need to copy them every time as they are recovered and filled by the reservation thus avoiding spelling mistakes.

Save time

Every time you register a customer or a service, they are saved in the system, so you don't have to enter their details every time you issue a document.

Document statistics

You may request your payments and documents you have issued as well as monthly statistics regarding your income etc.

You are welcome to try completely free electronic invoicing.